About Us

Indiana Kappa was founded on November 2, 1969. Before becoming a chartered chapter¬†of the Phi Delta Theta fraternity, Indiana Kappa¬†was known as Chi Kappa Epsilon, or XKE. Since then, Indiana Kappa¬†has initiated 804¬†men¬†into the Phi Delta Theta Fraternity. In the chapter’s nearly 50 year history, the three¬†Cardinal Principles of Phi Delta Theta, moral rectitude, friendship, and sound learning have remained strong and will continue to be upheld as the chapter strives¬†further and further toward greatness.

We maintain a goal of bringing out the best in our members, with the hope that we can help them achieve an individual growth that they would not have otherwise. In addition to helping our members become the greatest version of themselves, the brothers of Indiana Kappa focus on creating friendships that last a lifetime. Our fraternity is about more than just passing time at Ball State. The brothers of Indiana Kappa see our chapter and our fraternity as our home away from home.

One of the aspects of Indiana Kappa that makes our chapter special¬†is the unique¬†assortment¬†of characters that make up our brotherhood. The only label that would possibly fit us would be that we are a melting pot of personalities.¬† We don’t recruit new members based on¬†their athleticism, musical ability, computer skills, etc. We simply seek¬†potential brothers based on the kind of men we believe them to be, those that share our Cardinal Principles and desire to be part of an organization greater than themselves as individuals.

Indiana Kappa focuses on maintaining a positive campus image by participating in philanthropy, community service, and social events. We also strive to maintain good standing in academics, risk management, and with the rest of the Ball State Greek community.


Incoming and outgoing officers at the home of Bond 588 John Velasquez for the fall 2014 officer retreat. Velasquez and his wife Megan host the event every year. Back Row: Caleb Whitmer, Sam Carlton, Jamie McGraw, Scott Levins, Matthew Peek, Eli Voyles, Ian Smith, Cameron Owens. Middle Row: Adam Kobitz, Danny Du Bois, Caleb Copp, Chris Evrard, Adam Wattrick, Nathan Pelton, Anthony Scott, Chris Caress, Josh Eberg, Brett Berryhill, JC English. Front Row:



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