Bond 763, Joe Clemmer, is a recent Ball State grauduate who has decided to puruse a career in continued philanthropy work.
Brother Clemmer at INK's spring formal of 2013. Brother Clemmer has been the DJ at several previous events for the Chapter. Photo by Brayden Bridgeman
Brother Clemmer after winning another Smash Bros. tournament at INK's annual philanthropy, Game-a-Thon. Photo by Eric Hankins

Brother Clemmer after winning another Smash Bros. tournament at INK’s annual philanthropy, Game-a-Thon. Photo by Eric Hankins

The Brother who helped raise money for Game-a-Thon as the man to beat in Smash Bros. continues his philanthropywork in the Muncie community by joining Americorps.

“I figured the best way to use my skills would be in some sort of non-profit or pro-social work environment,” said Bond 763, Joe Clemmer. “A professor suggested Americorps.”

Clemmer, a sociology graduate, believes the experience will be beneficial even though the pay barely covers living expenses.
“It’s not getting coffee, it’snot a secretary job. They really give you a lot of power,” Clemmer said. “I’m kind of in the back orchestrating things.”

Americorps looks for Clemmer to devise recruiting strategies that will increase the number of mentors for its third grade reading program.

“They feel that [grade level] is a real tipping point for reading capacity,” Clemmer said. “They’re all really passionate about what they are doing. I didn’t realize how big they are in the [Muncie] community.”

Although he is only working at Americorps for the next year, Clemmer’s goal in any work he pursues is to use the knowledge he gained from his sociology education at BSU.

“They teach you to think in a different sort of way. They shed light on social issues that you never would have thought about or in a different capacity than you would have,” Clemmer said. “We walk blissfully through life unaware of problems, and sometimes you need to have a spotlight cast on
those problems.”

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