Bond 730, Russell Shive, shared his journey on the road to becoming an Iron Phi.
Brother Russell Shive enjoys a round of golf with His girlfriend and family while showing of his Iron Phi Shirt. Photo by Amy Vander Molen

Q: Give us a little background about yourself.
I am from Fort Wayne, IN. I am currently studying communications with a focus in organizational communications and a minor in entrepreneurship. My hobbies range from staying active with weightlifting and bicycling to playing a variety of sports like golf, soccer and basketball.

Q: Tell us about your journey to becoming an Iron Phi.
It was a very long journey, but eventually I was able to reach my goal. It took over two years
and two tough mudder events to raise $1,000.

Peety_tough mudder

Brother Shive with Brother Chris Caress after completing the Tough Mudder competition. Caress has competed in both Tough Mudders with Shive.

Q: What influenced you to pursue becoming an Iron Phi?
A fraternity brother asked me about doing a Tough Mudderevent in order to raise money toward the Iron Phi cause.
Q: Why Tough Mudder?
Honestly, we chose this for the simple reason that it was the most hardcore thing we could think of.

Q: What is Tough Mudder?
Tough Mudder is a 10-12 mile endurance obstacle course run.Looking back it seems a little
extreme, but it was actually very fun to be a part of.

Q: How has becoming an Iron Phi impacted your life?
It has truly opened my eyes to ALS and what a horrible condition it is, and even though it has been a part of our society for several years there is still no cure or treatment.
Q: How would you encourage other members to pursue becoming an Iron Phi?
By becoming an Iron Phi you are truly making a difference in the ALS community and helping
shed some light on the subject of ALS.
Q: What other athletic events have you participated in for the fraternity?
Intramural sports that include football and soccer.

Q: If you could change one thing about your journey to becoming an Iron Phi, what would it be?
Getting more fraternity brothers involved in the journey.

Q: Tell us about how you joined Phi Delta Theta.
I was originally enrolled at Ivy Tech in Muncie. My high school friends invited me to live with them, and while living with them they rushed the Phi Delta Theta fraternity. I grew close to the members of this fraternity, which led me to rush once I was enrolled at Ball State.

Q: How has being a Phi Delt impacted your life?
It has helped me grow into the man I am today, helping me mature in my organizational and leadership skills.
Q: What is your favorite part about being a member of Indiana Kappa specifically?
Our chapter is truly one of a kind and not your typical TFM (Total Frat Move) fraternity.

Q: What is your favorite memory of Indiana Kappa?
Becoming an Iron Phi.



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