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    INK Nation California Series: Nick Ferro

    April 27, 2015
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    Q: Where are you from and where are you located now? A: I am from Elkhart, Ind. and I am currently living in Los Angeles. Q: What did you study while you were at Ball State? A: I studied Telecommunications with a focus in video production. Q: What took you out to California? A: I moved to California because, after I’d graduated, I felt that If I stayed in Indiana I’d be making commercials and news. I wanted to do neither of those things, so I packed my bags to come out and work in television and movies. Q:...
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    August 8, 2014
    The Brother who helped raise money for Game-a-Thon as the man to beat in Smash Bros. continues his philanthropywork in the Muncie community by joining Americorps. “I figured the best way to use my skills would be in some sort of non-profit or pro-social work environment,” said Bond 763, Joe Clemmer. “A professor suggested Americorps.” Clemmer, a sociology graduate, believes the experience will be beneficial even though the pay barely covers living expenses. “It’s not getting coffee, it’snot a secretary job. They really give you a lot of power,” Clemmer said. “I’m kind of in the back orchestrating things.”...