Chapter Update Fall 2016

Indiana Kappa continues their drive and growth through the fall 2016 semester.

A Message From The Chapter President


Indiana Kappa has had such an exciting semester in the fall of 2016. Brothers are coming together to reach common goals in the pursuit to “become the greatest version of ourselves”. We have been firing on all cylinders right from the start of the semester. We had an incredibly successful recruitment season pinning 45 new Phikeia. We also raised over 1,300 dollars for the ALS Association through Paint Warz, our paired philanthropy with Pi Beta Phi called. Also, Phikeia and actives alike are bonding strongly through things like Family Weekend, intramurals, and socials. It is a great time to be a phi delt at Ball State and we are happy to bring such great news to all of you.  Please reach out to us with any questions or concerns you might have regarding the chapter.

Bond #794

JC English


The Phikeia of Fall 2016


This fall the brothers of Indiana Kappa pinned 46 Phikeia to join and learn about Phi Delta Theta. This is not only Indiana Kappa’s largest Phikeia class they have ever seen, but the largest new member class on Ball State’s campus as well. We’re very excited to have these students join a brotherhood like Phi Delta Theta and we can’t wait to see them grow as college men. They will be taught this fall by the Phikeia Educator, Dakota Tumey.


Flags of Honor

fullsizerenderFor the 3rd consecutive year, the brothers of Indiana Kappa volunteered with the setup and tear down of Minnetrista’s Flag of Honors. The Flag of Honors is an event where 1,000 flags are raised within the park in honor of the victims of 9/11.







Can’t Stop: Trent Sauceda


Trent Sauceda, Bond #813, has been working non-stop since December, when he was first elected as recruitment chair. He’s been busy looking for the best and brightest men to join the Indiana Kappa chapter. The spring Phikeia class saw 8 new brothers join the brotherhood.

Trent first came to Ball State with interest in being an architecture major, but changed his mind before school started to telecommunications. He was first drawn to Phi Delta Theta by his friends and hanging out with the brothers at the time in rec center. “I didn’t even know I was with a fraternity. I was just like ‘These guys are awesome and love Frisbee.’ What really made me want to join is that I made best friends with a lot of the guys in my Phikeia class and I knew that I would want to be a part of it if they were going to be, too.”

During this past summer, Trent was an orientation leader at Ball State. He was in charge with his other leaders to guide the incoming freshman around Ball State, teaching them about the campus, helping them learn the procedures of everyday life at college, and getting them as comfortable as they can be before coming back during move-in week. Trent also won a ‘Most Valuable Orientation Leader’ award voted on by his other leaders and staff.

“My favorite part of orientation is again: the people. The memories we would make, the jokes, the conversations, and also just being around people I would never would have been around if it wasn’t for that job. All of us were from different walks of life, different organizations on Ball State’s campus, doing our own things and it was really cool to see how all of us could come together for the same kind of goal and work really well together.”


Family Weekend


September 17th was Ball State’s annual family weekend! Phi Delta Theta hosted their annual breakfast for the parents before the football game later that afternoon. Lots of fun was had, lots of food was eaten, and we also enjoyed a mostly rain-free tailgate. A big thank you to the parents who came and made that weekend unforgettable!


Paint Warz & Dunk-A-Phi

Paint Warz

The brothers of Phi Delta Theta paired with Pi Beta Phi for their annual philanthropy event, Paint Warz. The philanthropy took place on September 25th and consisted of events such as dodgeball, tug of war, Twister, and many more! We raised around $1500 for the ALS Association this semester. Be on the lookout for the 2nd Annual Iron Horse Derby coming up in the spring.

Indiana Kappa also held its second Dunk-A-Phi on September 22nd to help raise money for its chapter operations. The event was another success as we raised over $300.


Intramural Update

As the school year progresses, that can only mean one thing at the rec center: intramural season! We are currently active in a few leagues on campus including softball and basketball. The seasons are still in progress and we are currently waiting on the end of the season tournaments. We’re eagerly waiting for the upcoming soccer, football, and ultimate frisbee tournaments and leagues!

We would like to recognize brothers Caleb Copp, Zach Wishart, Cameron ‘Rhino’ Owens, Keegan Gura, and Louie Wieseman for competing and winning Indiana Kappa’s battleship debut! Congratulations!

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