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Our newest alumni: Eli Voyles, Bond 797, Ian Smith, Bond 779, and Louie Wieseman, Bond 778.

At the end of the 2016 fall semester, we said thank you and goodbye to three members of Indiana Kappa. In the final chapter for the semester, Eli Voyles, Bond 797, Ian Smith, Bond 779, and Louie Wieseman, Bond 778,  gave their final address as actives and willed down their Phi Delt-related possessions before officially becoming a Phi Delt alumnus. We thank them for their work and dedication to the chapter during their time here at Ball State.


Moms Day



Indiana Kappa hosted their first Moms Day event to honor all the mothers of Phi Delta Theta that helped shape the men of our chapter. The serenade team kicked off the event with a performance that was followed by a Thanksgiving lunch prepared by brothers. After lunch, we had some very competitive games of bingo with some wonderful prizes provided by the Gura family. Thank you to everyone who came out!


Philanthropy & Community Service

Ben Schueren, Bond 816, following his third place finish at AGD’s 5k run.

We have been striving as a chapter to improve our community service outreach. With the help of our Community Service Chairman, Ryan Seymour (Bond 819), we reached our goal of 1000 hours! We averaged roughly 12 hours per person between the active brothers and the Phikeia. Congrats to our brothers and Ryan Seymour for achieving this feat!

Phi Delta Theta has also participated in many philanthropies around campus this semester after hosting our own in September. We’ve participated in AOII and Phi Psi’s Island Wars, Sigma Kappa and Phi Mu’s Greek-tober Fest, and Alpha Phi’s Glow Run. Congrats to Ben Schueren, Bond 816, for getting third place in AGD’s 5K run!




Members of Phi Delta Theta and Sigma Kappa hit their final pose at Airjam.

Ball State hosted their 90th annual homecoming this past October. Phi Delta Theta was involved around campus during the week with their homecoming partner, Sigma Kappa. Monday’s Homecoming Village kicked off the week of events. The second night, our new chapter president, Trent Sauceda (Bond 813), competed with his A Capella group, Unexpected Resolution, in the scholarship talent show. Wednesday was the annual blood drive and Thursday was one of Ball State’s most exciting events, Air Jam.

Friday and Saturday, we invited our alumni to come spend the weekend meeting younger members, grab dinner at classic Muncie restaurants, and to enjoy their time again at tailgate before Ball State took on Akron. It was an exciting weekend and one that we will not forget any time soon!


Officer Transitions


On Saturday, December 3, the outgoing/incoming officers and the CAB of Phi Delta Theta met at alumnus John Velasquez’s (Bond 588) home to discuss officers’ positions, find ways to better the chapter, and officially transition the group that is leading our chapter for the next year. We’re very excited to see what these brothers have in store for the upcoming semesters in their positions.


Intramural Update


The members of the Phi Delt Jags following their championship victory in the fall semester’s basketball tournament.

HUGE congratulations to the Phi Delt Jags for winning the intramural basketball and indoor flag football fall semester championships. We hope the Phi Delt Jags  can bring home more accolades this spring semester. The basketball championship was an exciting game between our Phi Delt Jags and the Delta Tau Delta A team. Check out the recap video below of the highlights from the win.


INK Advisor Wins Excellence in Teaching Award Wed, 02 Nov 2016 16:10:51 +0000 img_10641

Photo by John Seyler

On November 1st during the Ball State and Western Michigan football game Bond #601, Adam Ballart, was recognized as one of recipients of Ball State University’s Excellence in Teaching Award. Only three professors from Ball State are selected each year for this award. The selection process for the award first begins with the students as they nominate professors they think have excelled within their teaching position, created new innovative ways to learn in the classroom, and have put an emphasis on student engagement. From there ten nominees are selected and interviewed by a small committee made up of faculty and Ball State students who make their choice. The winners of the award receive recognition at the fall faculty dinner and receive a professional development stipend.


Ballart graduated from Ball State University in 2003 where he first rushed Phi Delta Theta. Once he graduated from BSU he moved onto IUPUI in Indianapolis to get his graduate degree. In 2008 Ballart came back to alma mater to teach Spanish. He currently teaches Spanish 101 and 102 for the fall 2016 semester. Ballart was also selected recently by Indiana Kappa to become their faculty advisor for the upcoming years.


Congratulations on your award and success, Adam!

Meet the 2016 Phikeia Class Mon, 31 Oct 2016 15:55:33 +0000 Indiana Kappa has had an exciting semester with our new Phikeia. We asked them to share some information about themselves as they continue through their classes this fall.


Name – Kolin Williams

Where are you from? – Kendallville, Indiana

Hobbies/Interests? – Sports, drawings, and playing cards

Why did you join Phi Delta Theta? – Phi Delta Theta felt like home from the first day I came to an event. From that point on I wanted to become a part of Phi Delta Theta.

Who is your IN-Kappa role model? – Ryan Seymour


Name – Connor Morton

Where are you from? – Rockford, Ohio

Hobbies/Interests? – Golf, Basketball, Baseball, Football, going on Adventures

Why did you join Phi Delta Theta? – I wanted to become a better person through this experience. I wanted to find a great way to bond with quality young men who would help me push myself to become a man of character.

Who is your IN-Kappa role model? – Ryan Seymour, John Seyler, JC English


Name – Luke Foster

Where are you from? – Jasper, Indiana

Hobbies/Interests? – Sports, especially basketball, both playing and working (I am part of Sportslink). I enjoy being with my friends and meeting new people.

Why did you join Phi Delta Theta? – I joined Phi Delta Theta because when I got invited to come to the house and meet the brothers, every single person that I talked to was extremely nice to me, and seemed to want to get to know as a person, instead of someone who might not be coming back. I also like their motto of being the best version of you that you can become.

Who is your IN-Kappa role model? – Mason Whitis


Name – Jace Wiese

Where are you from? – Denver, Colorado

Hobbies/Interests? – Basketball, music, daily fantasy sports, poker, gambling

Why did you join Phi Delta Theta? – I have 3 good friends that are actives in Phi Delt and they eventually convinced me to join.

Who is your IN-Kappa role model? – My Phikeia class and active brothers who have become Phi Delts.


Name – Andrew Westmoreland

Where are you from? – Thorntown, Indiana

Hobbies/Interests? – Sports, computers, video games and lifting

Why did you join Phi Delta Theta? – To become the best version of myself, and meet a variety of people and form close bonds for life.

Who is your IN-Kappa role model? – My Phikeia brothers and all the active brothers.


Name – Victor Pham

Where are you from? – McCordsville, Indiana

Hobbies/Interests? – Architecture, Basketball, Pacers, Colts

Why did you join Phi Delta Theta? – My brother is currently a Phi Delt at Purdue, and I wanted to get more involved instead of just being another face on campus.

Who is your IN-Kappa role model? – Matt Peek


Name – Ethan Dunlop

Where are you from? – Portage, Michigan

Hobbies/Interests? – Baseball and football

Why did you join Phi Delta Theta? – Because this fraternity has a lot of great people and I can see myself having a future here.

Who is your IN-Kappa role model? – John Seyler


Name – Nick Panozzo

Where are you from? – Holland, Michigan

Hobbies/Interests? – Lacrosse, hiking, hockey, snowboarding/skiing, wakeboarding

Why did you join Phi Delta Theta? – It was the most welcoming organization I met and every guy showed interest in having me be a part of the fraternity.

Who is your IN-Kappa role model? – JC English


Name – Adam Schildt

Where are you from? – Carmel, Indiana

Hobbies/Interests? – Guitar, sports, exercising, movies, American history

Why did you join Phi Delta Theta? – My friends joined and once I met everyone, I decided it was the right chapter for me.

Who is your IN-Kappa role model? – Matt Peek


Name – Adam Troutt

Where are you from? – Fairland, Indiana

Hobbies/Interests? – Music and running

Why did you join Phi Delta Theta? – I joined Phi Delta Theta for the brotherhood as well as the community service.

Who is your IN-Kappa role model? – Chuck Barrios


Name – Brian Boehm

Where are you from? – Crawfordsville, Indiana

Hobbies/Interests? – Sports, school spirit, cooking, singing, video games, debating

Why did you join Phi Delta Theta? – Phi Delta Theta doesn’t just say their cardinal principles as a formality. They live by them. I love the fact that it’s not all about having fun on the weekends. It’s about growing yourself to be the best man you can be, while making life-long friends in the process.

Who is your IN-Kappa role model? – I look up to every brother in the chapter. Cam Frasier is my big brother so obviously I look up to him. I also have a tremendous amount of respect for JC English. He does so much for the fraternity and wanted to get to know me immediately after I was pinned. One day I hope to have as big of an impact on the fraternity as JC has.


Name – Griffin Heckaman

Where are you from? – Wakarusa, Indiana

Hobbies/Interests? – Playing sports, being outside, playing FIFA

Why did you join Phi Delta Theta? – To improve myself as an individual and improve the men around me at the same time, as well as creating greater versions of ourselves.

Who is your IN-Kappa role model? – My INK role model is JC English. He gives his 100% to this fraternity at all times and I admire him for it.


Name – Chris Hamlin

Where are you from? – Corunna, Indiana

Hobbies/Interests? – Soccer and baseball

Why did you join Phi Delta Theta? – I joined to become a part of a group that would help me grow, and to create lasting friendships.

Who is your IN-Kappa role model? – Ben Schueren


Name – Kodi Duncan

Where are you from? – Franklin, Indiana

Hobbies/Interests? – Golf, fishing, outdoors

Why did you join Phi Delta Theta? – Saw an opportunity to hangout with a great group of guys and not just be another face.

Who is your IN-Kappa role model? – Levi Fletcher


Name – Cameron Huff

Where are you from? – Fortville, Indiana

Hobbies/Interests? – Snowboarding, Basketball, & Photography/Film

Why did you join Phi Delta Theta? – Was looking for a tight brotherhood and for a great network of people that I could carry on with through the rest of my life.

Who is your IN-Kappa role model? – Trent Sauceda


Name – Dylan Barrow

Where are you from? – Leo (Fort Wayne), Indiana

Hobbies/Interests? – Basketball Ultimate Frisbee James Patterson books

Why did you join Phi Delta Theta? – I didn’t come to Ball State planning on rushing a fraternity. Then, I met some of the most authentic and genuine men I know in Trent Sauceda and Paul DeRolf. They proved to me that being in a fraternity is about the brotherhood. I joined an organization filled with men who will look out for me, and I’ll do the same for them.

Who is your IN-Kappa role model? – My IN-Kappa role model is John Seyler. He has perfectly modeled how to be a good Brother, and he has already helped me through a couple of issues. He’s easy to talk to, and he treats Brothers and Phikeia alike with respect.


Name – Jacob Eberg

Where are you from? – Franklin, Indiana

Hobbies/Interests? – Sports

Why did you join Phi Delta Theta? – Felt like a place for me to develop a true brotherhood.

Who is your IN-Kappa role model? – Daniel Velasco


Name – Owen Smith

Where are you from? – Greenfield, Indiana

Hobbies/Interests? – Playing video games, watching sporting events, listening to hip-hop / rap music, hosting shows on radio stations, etc.

Why did you join Phi Delta Theta? – I felt at home. I felt accepted into the brotherhood as soon as I arrived to Ball State. The brotherhood found in Phi Delta Theta is unique. I am happy to be home with Phi Delta Theta.

Who is your IN-Kappa role model? – Austin Lacy


Name – Nathaniel Berch

Where are you from? – Granger, Indiana

Hobbies/Interests? – Fishing, construction

Why did you join Phi Delta Theta? – I felt like I belonged here.

Who is your IN-Kappa role model? – Levi Fletcher


Name – Connor Nichols

Where are you from? – Brownsburg, Indiana

Hobbies/Interests? – Watching sports, shooting highlights of sporting events, working out

Why did you join Phi Delta Theta? – I joined Phi Delt because I believe this was the best opportunity to be the best version of myself

Who is your IN-Kappa role model? – JC English


Name – Christian Bultemeyer

Where are you from? – Fishers, Indiana

Hobbies/Interests? – Fishing, hiking and listening to music

Why did you join Phi Delta Theta? – I connected with the actives and Phikeia more than the other fraternities.

Who is your IN-Kappa role model? – Jacob Young


Name – Dylan Brown

Where are you from? – Noblesville, Indiana

Hobbies/Interests? – I’m a huge business nerd and entrepreneur professionally. I love cars, computers, and anything else hands on.

Why did you join Phi Delta Theta? – I joined ΦΔΘ because of the common respect for everyone I experienced from every single brother, as well as the humility shown throughout.

Who is your IN-Kappa role model? – Nate Pelton


Name – Kevin Johnson

Where are you from? – Carmel, Indiana

Hobbies/Interests? – I enjoy playing football and going to the gym.

Why did you join Phi Delta Theta? – Great group of guys and want to become the greatest version of myself.

Who is your IN-Kappa role model? – Jacob Young


Name – Rathe Landwerlen

Where are you from? – Carmel, Indiana

Hobbies/Interests? – Basketball

Why did you join Phi Delta Theta? – To become the greatest version of myself

Who is your IN-Kappa role model? – Dillon Weir


Name – Jared Blue

Where are you from? – Marion, Indiana

Hobbies/Interests? – Business Administration; Real Estate Development (1 current property); BSU Economics Club; Intramural Basketball & Volleyball; Hunting (Coyote, Whitetail, Dove, etc.); Fishing (Most Midwestern Species); Shooting Sports (Varied Disciplines); Grant County 4-H King (10 yr showman) and FFA Officer At Large; Training my English Springer Spaniel (Future Fratscot); Collecting/restoring antique tobacco pipes and modern tobaccos

Why did you join Phi Delta Theta? – I sought to join an organization of like-minded men to help further my friendships based in true brotherhood, and strengthen my academic pursuits. I believe that one man is truly no man, and that strength is derived from a deep support system rooted in centered morals. After much research I decided that Phi Delt Theta IN Kappa was the best representative of these values. My only regret is not joining sooner. Hopefully I can give back to further generations as the past and current members have invested into me. Proud to be a Phikeia.

Who is your IN-Kappa role model? – Special acknowledgement has to be given to my Big, Cameron Owen’s, known affectionately as Rhino. His devotion to his brothers and laid back nature based on mutual respect instantly drew me to him as a man of character that I could learn from for years to come.


Name – Milan Reitz

Where are you from? –  Zionsville, Indiana

Hobbies/Interests? – Swimming and rock climbing are dope, I also like Super Smash Brothers

Why did you join Phi Delta Theta? – For the brotherhood and friendship.

Who is your IN-Kappa role model? – Danny Velasco


Name – Cole Hamilton

Where are you from? – Carmel, Indiana

Hobbies/Interests? – I like to play sports, hang out with friends, and I volunteer at IU North Hospital.

Why did you join Phi Delta Theta? – I joined Phi Delta Theta because of the tight knit group of guys. I could see that they were all friends and down to earth guys. I also could easily see myself becoming a member of the organization. I wanted to be in something that I could be proud of and that I could tell stories about and I knew that Phi Delta Theta was the opportunity that I wanted.

Who is your IN-Kappa role model? – Austin McCracken


Name – Tyler Harper

Where are you from? – Mooresville, Indiana

Hobbies/Interests? – Sports, music, video games

Why did you join Phi Delta Theta? – I like the brotherhood mentality and I feel I fit well within it.

Who is your IN-Kappa role model? – Eli Voyles


Name – Matt Rhoad

Where are you from? – Muncie, Indiana

Hobbies/Interests? – Sports, exercise, video games, outdoors

Why did you join Phi Delta Theta? – To gain a group of brothers.

Who is your IN-Kappa role model? – Tristan Schilling


Name – Nathan Quasebarth

Where are you from? – Walton, Indiana

Hobbies/Interests? – I like playing baseball and Football

Why did you join Phi Delta Theta? – I wanted to join the best fraternity and I did.

Who is your IN-Kappa role model? – Nathan Pelton


Name – Max Blevins

Where are you from? – Noblesville, Indiana

Hobbies/Interests? – Football, guitar, music, and being part of something.

Why did you join Phi Delta Theta? – I joined because I noticed that every single guy was unique, we all get along and all look out for each other. It is a true brotherhood.

Who is your IN-Kappa role model? – As of now probably my big, Joel Donovan. He has been a great role model by leading by example.


Name – Skylar Ironmonger

Where are you from? – Tipton, Indiana

Sports and video games

Why did you join Phi Delta Theta? – I joined Phi Delta Theta to push myself academically and to make many lifelong friends.

Who is your IN-Kappa role model? – Cameron Frasier


Name – Kevin Mattingly

Where are you from? – Indianapolis, Indiana

Hobbies/Interests? – Motorcycles, Cars, Working on cars and motorcycles, Football, Basketball

Why did you join Phi Delta Theta? – To belong to a respectable organization that holds its members accountable for the greater good. Knowing any problem I run into along my college path that I will have a great support group all working towards making me the greatest version of myself.

Who is your IN-Kappa role model? – My role model would be my big, Josh Cannaday.


Name – Clay Higgins

Where are you from? – Fairfield, Ohio

Hobbies/Interests? – I love going outside and playing sports especially basketball.

Why did you join Phi Delta Theta? – Coming into college I didn’t really know a whole lot of people since I’m an out of state student but as soon as I met some of the people in Phi Delta Theta they instantly made me feel like I had friends. They invited me out to the field to play frisbee or soccer. They made it really easy to come or to rush events by offering rides and stuff like that. Phi Delt really is just one big family

Who is your IN-Kappa role model? – I would say my big brother Austin McCracken. Ever since I’ve met him we’ve always gotten along and I always know he’s there to help me out with anything I have going on.

Phi Delt Jags: Fall 2016 Intramural Basketball Champions Fri, 28 Oct 2016 12:08:34 +0000 Chapter Update Fall 2016 Thu, 06 Oct 2016 16:00:49 +0000 A Message From The Chapter President


Indiana Kappa has had such an exciting semester in the fall of 2016. Brothers are coming together to reach common goals in the pursuit to “become the greatest version of ourselves”. We have been firing on all cylinders right from the start of the semester. We had an incredibly successful recruitment season pinning 45 new Phikeia. We also raised over 1,300 dollars for the ALS Association through Paint Warz, our paired philanthropy with Pi Beta Phi called. Also, Phikeia and actives alike are bonding strongly through things like Family Weekend, intramurals, and socials. It is a great time to be a phi delt at Ball State and we are happy to bring such great news to all of you.  Please reach out to us with any questions or concerns you might have regarding the chapter.

Bond #794

JC English


The Phikeia of Fall 2016


This fall the brothers of Indiana Kappa pinned 46 Phikeia to join and learn about Phi Delta Theta. This is not only Indiana Kappa’s largest Phikeia class they have ever seen, but the largest new member class on Ball State’s campus as well. We’re very excited to have these students join a brotherhood like Phi Delta Theta and we can’t wait to see them grow as college men. They will be taught this fall by the Phikeia Educator, Dakota Tumey.


Flags of Honor

fullsizerenderFor the 3rd consecutive year, the brothers of Indiana Kappa volunteered with the setup and tear down of Minnetrista’s Flag of Honors. The Flag of Honors is an event where 1,000 flags are raised within the park in honor of the victims of 9/11.







Can’t Stop: Trent Sauceda


Trent Sauceda, Bond #813, has been working non-stop since December, when he was first elected as recruitment chair. He’s been busy looking for the best and brightest men to join the Indiana Kappa chapter. The spring Phikeia class saw 8 new brothers join the brotherhood.

Trent first came to Ball State with interest in being an architecture major, but changed his mind before school started to telecommunications. He was first drawn to Phi Delta Theta by his friends and hanging out with the brothers at the time in rec center. “I didn’t even know I was with a fraternity. I was just like ‘These guys are awesome and love Frisbee.’ What really made me want to join is that I made best friends with a lot of the guys in my Phikeia class and I knew that I would want to be a part of it if they were going to be, too.”

During this past summer, Trent was an orientation leader at Ball State. He was in charge with his other leaders to guide the incoming freshman around Ball State, teaching them about the campus, helping them learn the procedures of everyday life at college, and getting them as comfortable as they can be before coming back during move-in week. Trent also won a ‘Most Valuable Orientation Leader’ award voted on by his other leaders and staff.

“My favorite part of orientation is again: the people. The memories we would make, the jokes, the conversations, and also just being around people I would never would have been around if it wasn’t for that job. All of us were from different walks of life, different organizations on Ball State’s campus, doing our own things and it was really cool to see how all of us could come together for the same kind of goal and work really well together.”


Family Weekend


September 17th was Ball State’s annual family weekend! Phi Delta Theta hosted their annual breakfast for the parents before the football game later that afternoon. Lots of fun was had, lots of food was eaten, and we also enjoyed a mostly rain-free tailgate. A big thank you to the parents who came and made that weekend unforgettable!


Paint Warz & Dunk-A-Phi

Paint Warz

The brothers of Phi Delta Theta paired with Pi Beta Phi for their annual philanthropy event, Paint Warz. The philanthropy took place on September 25th and consisted of events such as dodgeball, tug of war, Twister, and many more! We raised around $1500 for the ALS Association this semester. Be on the lookout for the 2nd Annual Iron Horse Derby coming up in the spring.

Indiana Kappa also held its second Dunk-A-Phi on September 22nd to help raise money for its chapter operations. The event was another success as we raised over $300.


Intramural Update

As the school year progresses, that can only mean one thing at the rec center: intramural season! We are currently active in a few leagues on campus including softball and basketball. The seasons are still in progress and we are currently waiting on the end of the season tournaments. We’re eagerly waiting for the upcoming soccer, football, and ultimate frisbee tournaments and leagues!

We would like to recognize brothers Caleb Copp, Zach Wishart, Cameron ‘Rhino’ Owens, Keegan Gura, and Louie Wieseman for competing and winning Indiana Kappa’s battleship debut! Congratulations!

Chapter Update Summer 2016 Sat, 18 Jun 2016 16:44:46 +0000 A Message From The Chapter President

JC_English_Phi Delta Theta_Ball State_PDTWe are very proud of the strides Indiana Kappa has made throughout this past school year. We have seen improvements in GPA (second among BSU fraternities), philanthropic endeavors, membership, social presence and chapter operations. Our 62 active brothers are working diligently to reach common goals in honor of the bond we stand for. This is an exciting time for our members and I am looking forward to what the fall will bring. This chapter update is intended to shed light on some recent achievements in a way that will make it easy for alumni, friends and family to stay connected with the Indiana Kappa Chapter of Phi Delta Theta. Feel free to reach out to us with any questions or concerns you might have regarding the chapter. Our contact information can be found on the officers page or by filling out the contact us form. Thank you for your continued support and we hope to hear from you soon.

JC English
Bond #794

Second Semester Brings Ten New Members!

On April 23rd, 2016 we initiated 8 new members into Phi Delta Theta. Throughout the semester they learned all about Phi Delta Theta and Greek life in general from their New Member Educator Adam Wattrick.

Spring 2k16 Phikeia

New brothers Dan Hennenfent, Jake Hostetler, Austin Lacy, Tyler Redfern, Chris Pickens, Mason Whitis, Chuck Barrios, Tristan Schilling.

Bond #835 – Austin Lacy – Wilkinson, IN – Telecommunications/Journalism
Bond #836 – Chuck Barrios – Loves Park, IL – Biochemistry
Bond #837 – Tyler Redfern – Hometown – Chemistry
Bond #838 – Mason Whitis – Indianapolis, IN – Telecommunications/Video Production
Bond #839 – Chris Pickens – Maineville, OH – Marketing
Bond #840 – Jake Hostetler – Carmel, IN – Music Media Production & Jazz Performance
Bond #841 – Dan Hennenfent – Lindenhurst, Illinois – Computer Technology
Bond #842 – Tristan Schilling – Indianapolis, IN – Telecommunications

In addition, we had two members who were initiated on June 4th, 2016 as a part of our summer initiation who we would also like to recognize and welcome to our chapter.


Ryan Crum and David Dickey.

Bond #843 – David Dickey – Indianapolis, IN – Construction Management
Bond #844 – Ryan Crum – Carmel, IN


Inaugural Iron Horse Derby


After a delay due to weather conditions, we held our new philanthropy the Iron Horse Derby! The event took place on April 16th at Lafollette Fields. The event was named for famous Phi, Lou Gherig.

The event consisted of teams going to different stations to compete in various mini-games to earn points. The overall winners were Alpha Phi. Indiana Kappa raised roughly $1,100 for the ALS Association.




First Ever Dad’s Day

Dad's Day

In continuing our trend of new events and traditions, INK hosted its first ever Dad’s Day on April 9th. Braving the cold weather, many brothers and their fathers gathered at our ‘Capitol’ house for a day of chatting, games and a burger cook off. The winner of the cook off was Don Gura, father of  Bond 818, Keegan Gura.


Spring Awards


The Indiana Kappa Chapter of Phi Delta Theta has continued its growth and Ball State has taken notice. This past semester, we were nominated for the Most Improved Organization at the SOAR Awards. This was possible thanks to our highest GPA in 5 years, 3.129, growing member total, philanthropy and community outreach.

Trent Sauceda, Bond 813, won IFC’s Outstanding New Member Award at Ball State Greek Life’s Grand Chapter awards.

INK also hosted an award ceremony at spring formal for our annual awards . The winners were:



Brother of the Year – Josh Eberg
New Member of the Year – Ryan Gibson
Scholar of the Year – Scott Levins
Alumnus of the Year – Scott Nguyen
Recruiter of the Year – Josh Eberg and Matt Peek
Sporty Phi – Scott Levins

Stay tuned  for more updates!


Chapter Update with President Nathan Pelton Tue, 06 Oct 2015 02:41:17 +0000 This fall has been a very busy one. The semester started on Monday, August 24th with rush beginning that day. After two weeks of rush events we have had the honor of pinning 30 Phikeia. As a chapter we look forward to welcoming these young men into our brotherhood and helping them through their Phikeia program. Please check out our social media as we introduce them individually.

We have had several exciting events including Watermelon bust with the women of Delta Zeta and homecoming with the women of Phi Mu. Our Air Jam team performed very well this past Thursday. At tailgate on Saturday we had a fantastic turn out and got a chance to reconnect with many alumni who came and visited. Now that both Watermelon Bust and homecoming are over, we are looking forward to focusing on going to philanthropies, getting ready for Game-a-thon and helping our Phikeia continue their Phikeia education.

Sorority Spotlight: Olivia Anderson of Phi Mu Mon, 05 Oct 2015 01:58:50 +0000 INK: Tell us a little bit about yourself Olivia; where are you from, how did you end up at Ball State and what are you studying?

Anderson: I am from Carmel, Ind. When I was in high school, I always figured I would end up at IU. When I toured Ball State, I felt like it was a better fit for me and I wanted to stray away from the large amount of people from my school that went to IU. I am currently studying Human Resources Management and Spanish.


INK: At this point, what are your career goals?

Anderson: You know, I really couldn’t tell you. That sounds bad being a junior in college, I know. I do know that I want to be able to take advantage of being bilingual, so I’ve put some thought into possibly working somewhere abroad. I’ll go where ever life takes me.


INK: What are your hobbies and interests?

Anderson: I really like to be active, whether it be running, biking or whatever else. I really enjoy spending time with my friends and sisters. I also really love traveling.


INK: How did you become interested in Greek life?

Anderson: I was very skeptical about Greek life before I joined. I registered for formal recruitment, but I had second thoughts about going through with it. However, I really hate to back out of things so I just figured there was no harm in trying it out. I am so grateful that I did.


INK: What made you decide to become a member of Phi Mu?

Anderson: The sisters I met were so genuine and welcoming when I went through recruitment. I felt like I fit in immediately. In the short time that I interacted with Phi Mu while going through formal recruitment, I could see that the sisters actually liked each other and that they were having fun being together. Something I believe is unique to Phi Mu is the strength of our sisterhood. I was able to see that with the sisters in the chapter. Being an only child, sisterhood was something that I was really looking for when choosing a sorority.


INK: How has your experience in Phi Mu been thus far; what have been some of the highlights?

Anderson: I have loved my experience within my chapter. The women in Phi Mu support me and we have a pretty great sisterhood. Some things that stick out to me in my Phi Mu experience are when I was able to take my littles and when I was the philanthropy chair of my chapter and planned a “battle of the bands” event.


INK: How do you feel Phi Mu has impacted your growth as a person?

Anderson: Phi Mu has made me come out of my shell. Being an only child, it’s been easy for me to stand in the background and be comfortable with that. However, since I joined my chapter, I have taken more initiative to get involved and I try to really take advantage of everything Phi Mu has to offer. I’ve become more responsible and I’ve learned to be a better individual through my chapter’s values. I very much believe that you get out of it what you put into it, so I put a lot of effort into my sisterhood. What I have gotten out of it I am so grateful for.


INK: What do you hope to accomplish in Greek life during your time as an undergraduate?

Anderson: I hope to see Bonnamu, Phi Mu’s newest philanthropy event, grow. I was able to be philanthropy chair when we first put it on and I would like to take it to the next level and make it even more successful. I also wish to pursue other leadership positions within my chapter and help it continue to thrive.


INK: Tell us about your role models in Phi Mu.

Anderson: I would say my biggest role model is my grand-big, Sam Hebenstriet. I really admire how she is always so positive and always tries to do the right thing. She is always so caring and I admire how she reaches out to others no matter how well she knows them.


INK: How do you think Phi Mu will stay with you past your time at Ball State?

Anderson: I could give the basic answer and tell you that I have made sisters for life that will one day be my bridesmaids and best friends forever, which is true, but I believe Phi Mu is way more than that. The values and creed of Phi Mu are what will really stick with me. My organization has taught me how to be a better woman. My leadership experiences in my chapter will stick with me as well. I was able to develop skills that I can take with me and utilize in my future jobs or anything else I wish to take on.


INK: How did you become introduced to the men of Phi Delta Theta?

Anderson: The men of Phi Delta Theta were some of the first people I met at Ball State. At the beginning of my freshman year, I knew only a few people that I was friends with in high school who came to Ball State as well. Two of my close friends ended up joining Phi Delta Theta, so I got to know a good number of the brothers through them.


INK: Tell us about the Phi Delts you knew before they were Phi Delts, what is your relationship with them?

Anderson: Nathan Pelton, Connor MacRae and I have been friends since high school. Connor and Nate were always pretty much up for anything. They were always involved in shenanigans, which, believe me, has not changed. I think Phi Delt has definitely matured them, but they’re still their same goofy selves.


INK: How has Greek life changed your relationship with them?

Anderson: I think Greek life has made us all a lot more mature. It has taught us about the importance of brotherhood and sisterhood, as well as respect. I think, at least for me, it has made us value our friendship even more.


INK: Besides your relationship with them, how does Phi Delta Theta continue to impact your time at Ball State?

Anderson: Phi Delt has played and continues to play a big role in my time at Ball State. I’ve made really strong friendships that I deeply value with a lot of brothers.


INK: What stands out about Phi Delta Theta to you personally?

Anderson: The brothers are strikingly genuine. They are very friendly and care so much about building a strong brotherhood.


INK: Any final thoughts on Phi Delta Theta? Phi Mu?

Anderson: Since my freshman year, I have seen both Phi Mu and Phi Delta Theta make leaps and bounds with their accomplishments and I believe they are both headed in a great direction.


INK: Now for some more fun, quirky questions. What’s your favorite food?

Anderson: I absolutely love Mexican food.


INK: What TV show currently has you sprinting from class to make sure you don’t miss the new episode?

Anderson: Scandal has had me hooked since the first day it aired. Olivia Pope is goals.


INK: Tell me about the last time you had a good laugh.

Anderson: Laughing is one of my favorite things to do. I would say the last time I had a good laugh was when I was hanging out with my sisters before homecoming tailgate. We were hanging out and just having fun with each other.


INK: What was the weirdest thing to happen to you lately?

Anderson: During the summers when I’m not at school I work in a restaurant. Before I left for school this summer, I had some random old guy come up behind me and try to start dancing on me. It was very strange, but it’s now a funny story to tell.


INK: Where is your dream place to live and why?

Anderson: I would love to live somewhere in Spain. The culture there is very rich and the scenery is beautiful.


INK: If you could eat lunch with one famous person, who would it be and why?

Anderson: I would eat lunch with Donald Trump and ask him to please not run for president.


INK: What was the last song you sang in the shower?

Anderson: Not really one to sing in the shower, but I would most likely be singing something by The Black Keys because they’re my favorite band.


INK: What is your favorite activity to cure boredom?

Anderson: You can’t go wrong with Netflix when you’re bored. Mostly, if I am really bored, I become really productive. I’ll do a whole week’s worth of homework just because.


INK: Use a phrase or adjective for each letter of your name to describe you.



INK: What is your favorite childhood memory?

Anderson: When I was really young, my dad and I would sit down on our kitchen floor every night and eat ice cream. It sounds so simple, but it sticks out to me because I loved spending time with my dad.


INK: What is your favorite junk food?

Anderson: That’s like asking a mother to pick her favorite child. I would have to say Doritos or Flamin’ Hot Cheetos.


INK: Are you a morning person or a night owl?

Anderson: Nobody should have to wake up before 11 a.m.


INK: What inspires you?

Anderson: I feel like what inspires me is the need to do the right thing. It gives me a strong drive to improve in the areas I can in the ways that I see fit.


INK: Anything new or exciting about your life that you would like to share?

Anderson: I climbed a mountain in Maine this summer and it was slightly terrifying but pretty exhilarating.

Feel the Force: Snatching barbells with Nathan Pelton Thu, 17 Sep 2015 17:07:22 +0000 It’s 7:00 a.m. While most people are still rubbing the gunk from the corner of their eyes, Nathan Pelton is wide awake as he looks down to the digital red numbers in anticipation of how they will dictate his first meal. At 7:15 a.m. he eats accordingly before heading out the door at 7:30 a.m. Only a little more than an hour from his first lift, he is again looking down to those digital numbers. Assuming he officially makes weight, it’s time for juice, a protein shake, Pedialyte and a honey and peanut butter sandwich. Assuming he doesn’t, it might just be the crust from that sandwich. At 9:30 a.m. it’s time for around 400mg of caffeine and dynamic warm-ups. When it finally hits 10:00 a.m. Pelton, now toting his singlet and Phi Delta Theta headband, begins loading the Olympic-style bumper plates on the barbell he will use for the next 25 minutes to build up to the weight he will attempt in competition. Finally, Pelton hears his name called, chalks his hands and steps up to the platform. He grabs the barbell. Despite all of the people in attendance, the only thing he sees are the 110kg and three judges that determine the success of his first snatch attempt at Force Barbell’s Freedom Classic Weightlifting Meet.

“My motto with this meet was to ‘go big or go home’,” said Pelton. “Incidentally, I went home.”

Pelton releases his second clean and jerk attempt at 145kg (319lbs.).

Pelton releases his second clean and jerk attempt at 145kg (319lb). Although unsuccessful, it would not deter Pelton.

At the July 11th event, Pelton’s performance was what is known as a ‘bomb out.’ This means he was not able to post a total weight for the event because he did not complete at least one of three attempts he had for the snatch and the clean and jerk respectively.

“Mentally this was quite frustrating, especially since I knew I could hit every weight I attempted,” said Pelton.

Although the Freedom Classic did not go well, it has only motivated Pelton to train harder for the USA Weightlifting National University Championships in Utah later this month. Pelton qualified for the championships earlier this year at a competition in Bloomington. It will be Pelton’s biggest competition to date.

“In my training I will be focusing on consistency and becoming more comfortable with the weight I attempted to help get over that mental hurdle,” said Pelton.

The mental hurdles of not completing his lifts are something Pelton has adjusted to in his three years as a weightlifter. Weightlifting is something no one expected Pelton to ever pursue, but now it has become his solace.

“Our 165-pound cross country runner morphed into a 200-pound weightlifter.” – Julie Pelton

A 5-year distance runner, Pelton became intrigued with the sport of weightlifting after his senior year of cross country. Pelton was looking to try something new, and when a friend began weight training for rugby he decided to tag along. Since then weightlifting became an integral part of his life. He spent a year training for power lifting (bench press, squat and dead lift) before switching over to Olympic lifting (snatch and the clean and jerk).

“I find Olympic lifting to be more mentally stimulating and more than just ‘brute strength,’ although that is necessary.” said Pelton.

After two years of recreational lifting, Pelton knew it was time to pursue competitive weightlifting. In his first year at Ball State, he started looking for gyms near his home in Carmel, Ind., that had a team and trained athletes for competition. His roommate, and fellow Phi Delt Andy Becker, found Force Barbell of Fishers, Ind. after an online search. Pelton believed it to be the right fit and began training there as soon as Ball State recessed  for the summer of 2014.

“He came in last summer looking to really get into the sport of weightlifting, which is significantly different than just going to the gym and lifting weights,” said Tyler Miller. Miller is the Owner and President of Force Barbell as well as Pelton’s coach. “He knew he wanted to get involved with a club and coaches that could take him to the next level. He was sort of lanky and tall for his weight when he started, so I knew we were going to need to get him a little bit thicker and build a lot of strength.”

It was a challenge for Pelton to gain the appropriate weight he would need to lift with the level of success he desired. A total increase of 45-50 healthy pounds is no simple task, but Pelton persevered through his training and diet regiment to reach his goal weight class of 94 kg (207 lb).

“As part of the training process, Nate has educated himself about the nutritional component of weight training,” said Pelton’s mom, Julie Pelton. “As with most high-level athletics, eating becomes a scientific process; a precise balance of food groups, food quality, supplements (the legal, healthy ones), all consumed at precise intervals to maximize training productivity and recovery. Nate’s knowledge of nutrition has been exponential.”

Julie admits that initially her and husband Doug did not give much thought to Pelton’s new found interest when he started in high school, but did not find his dedication and motivation to succeed in competitive weightlifting surprising.

“Our 165-pound cross country runner morphed into a 200-pound weightlifter,” said Julie Pelton. “It’s absolutely fascinating. Months and months of tough training come together for those few moments of lifting. As Nate’s mom, I’m always thinking, ‘this is my little boy,’ but I can barely hug my little boy because he’s not little anymore.”

Since the realization of Pelton’s dedication to weightlifting, Julie and her husband continue to make sure they can support him in any way possible.

“We simply stand back and watch with great fascination and pride,” said Julie Pelton. “We enjoy hearing the details of his training program, though I admit I need a translation sometimes. We are grateful to be in a position to provide whatever he needs to train and compete such as gym fees, transportation, training camp and lots of healthy food. The crazy, mismatched outfits these weightlifters put together on training days is entertaining, to say the least. I enjoy shopping for Nate’s bizarre tights and socks that are ‘haute couture’ at the gym.”

You Give Me Love Thu, 17 Sep 2015 16:26:57 +0000 Brother John Seyler decided to take his love for film and photography with him during his summer trip to Cornucopia, Wis. The video he made with Erik Johnsrud is just one of the few things he did during his time in Wisconsin. Stay tuned for a Q & A about Seyler’s travels.