INK Legacy: The Flag of Phi Delta Theta

In the first piece of our INK Legacy series, we take a look at the flag of Phi Delta Theta.

Anthony_Scott_PDT_Phi Delta ThetaYou see Greek organizations sporting their flag at campus events all the time, but what does it really mean to each organization? Is it just something to show what organization you’re in, or is it something more?  In any case, the Brothers of Indiana Kappa believe it is an object that well represents our Chapter.

“When I see our flag fluttering in the breeze I cannot help but be filled with pride, for I know what it really means to me and thousands of brothers across the globe,” said Bond 786, Nathan Pelton. “It reminds me of Morrison’s Philosophy and that I’m proud to be a Phi.”

The flag has six stars on it to represent the six founding fathers of Phi Delta Theta. Three distinct columns represent the fraternity’s Cardinal Principles; friendship, sound learning and moral rectitude. The colors Azure and Argent also represent the colors of the fraternity.Tim_Marks_PDT_Phi Delta Theta

“The Flag is a reminder of what Phi Delta Theta stands for and represents,” said Bond 777, Brett Berryhill. “The six stars [are] for the Founding Fathers, who together made something bigger than themselves. The three columns [represent] the Three Cardinal Principles, which all Brothers follow and live by every day.”

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Chapter Advisory Board Alumni Relations Adviser, Bond 710, Initiated: 12/5/09
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