INK Legacy: The Phikeia Pin

We continue taking a look at things that represent Indiana Kappa by exploring the origins of our Phikeia pin.

It’s not easy to introduce something new, but Phi Delta Theta decided to be the first fraternity to start using a new member pin anyways. Phi Delta Theta introduced and approved the idea of using the Phikeia Pin in 1894 at the national convention held in Indianapolis. Since then many Greek organizations have adopted the concept of a new member pin.

“The Phikeia pin to me is like a link to my fellow brothers,” said Phikeia Caleb Copp. “I feel proud every time I put it on because I know I’m part of something larger than myself. Everyday I look back, [ I ] am proud of the day I received my pin.”

For Indiana Kappa, you will find our new members are proud to wear their pins on a daily basis throughout the duration of the Phikeia program. Many of the actives and alumni still hold onto theirs to keep as a memento.

“The Phikeia pin represent[s] the honor of becoming a Phi Delt,” said Phikeia Derek Fox. “If you are comfortable wearing the pin everywhere you go [it] shows that you are proud to be a Phikeia. I wear it because I want to show everyone that I am proud to be a hopeful future member of Phi Delta Theta.”

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