Summer update with President Nathan Pelton

INK sees the initiation of three new brothers while winding down and preparing for the coming fall semester.
Nathan Pelton, Bond 786, hosted this year's summer initiation at his residence in Carmel, Ind.

As the spring semester winds down to a close and everyone goes their separate ways for summer it is hard to keep in contact with everyone scattered across the United States, and in some cases the world. We have brothers doing internships for their majors, working at camps, working at amusement parks, taking classes, life guarding, traveling, etc. The break has been a time for us to relieve stress from the spring semester, but also get ready for the busy fall semester. It gives us a chance to compile all of the hard work we put in during the school year and start preparing our accreditation proposal for 2015-16.

Over the summer, Indiana Kappa hosted an initiation for those that have achieved the requirements to be initiated toward the end of the school  year. On June 13,  we initiated Bonds 812, 813 and 814 (Trent Saucedo, Derek Fox, and Tyler Morgan respectively). Their active status has long been anticipated, and was celebrated by the initiation ceremony where both actives and many alumni attended.

This fall we are looking forward to another great semester filled with recruitment, homecoming, Watermelon Bust, Game-a-thon and many other activities.

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I am a Sophomore at Ball State studying biology, with a focus in pre-veterinary medicine. I am the current president of the Indiana Kappa Chapter of Phi Delta Theta.
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